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Caress Maxi Overnight Adult Diaper Medium Wholeslae Dito Caress Maxi Overnight Adult Diaper Medium

Caress Maxi Overnight Adult Diaper Medium

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For Incontinence, Caress Maxi Overnight Unisex Adult Diapers in medium size 10 pads in a pack is available at Wholesale price at Wholesale Dito Store

Brand : Caress
Category : Personal Care
Group : Adult Diaper
GTIN : 4800488958611
Availability : In-stock
Product Specification
10 Pads Medium Size Unisex Adult Diaper Soft Cottony
Quantity per Box : 10 Packs
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Box
Stocks : 2
Delivery Lead Time : 1-3 Bus days
Logistics : 14Smile


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What You Need To Know

Caress Maxi Overnight Adult Diaper Medium Wholesale Dito Enjoy the unparalleled comfort and protection with Caress Maxi Overnight Unisex Adult Diapers in medium size. Each pack contains 10 pads designed for overnight use, ensuring a restful night's sleep with confidence and ease. Discover the exceptional features and benefits that make Caress Maxi the choice for comfort, dryness, and overall well-being. Key Features and Benefits : Super Absorbent Pad : The super absorbent pad efficiently draws and locks in liquid, providing a clean and dry feeling for extended comfort. Liquid Distribution Layer (LDL) : The Liquid Distribution Layer quickly draws liquid away from the skin, maintaining a drier surface for enhanced comfort. Functional Leak Guard : The functional leak guard effectively contains liquid at the sides, preventing any unwanted leakage and ensuring peace of mind. Wetness Indicator : The built-in wetness indicator features prints that fade, signaling when it's time to change the diaper, promoting optimal hygiene. 3D Topsheet : The 3D topsheet reduces skin contact, protecting against harmful bacteria that can lead to diaper rash. It allows air to flow freely, providing a dry and comfortable feeling. Antibiosis and Deodorization : Caress Maxi incorporates antibacterial properties to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, while also neutralizing unpleasant odors instantly. Soft Cottony Cover : The soft cottony cover offers a smooth and gentle protection to the skin, ensuring comfort throughout extended wear. Refastenable Tape : The refastenable tape allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a secure and customized fit for maximum comfort. Comfortable Waist Band : The comfortable waistband provides a better fit on the waist, preventing back leaks and promoting a secure and comfortable experience. Choose Caress Maxi Overnight Unisex Adult Diapers for a blend of advanced features and benefits that prioritize your comfort, well-being, and peace of mind during overnight use.

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