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Femme All Purpose Twin Kitchen Towel

Femme All Purpose Twin Kitchen Towel

5.00 1 Reviews

68.00 per pack

Femme Kitchen Towel All-Purpose is best used fro wiping surfaces, draining excess oil from food, drying dishes and hands. Available on Wholesale Dito

Product Specification

Brand Name: Femme

Product Type: Kitchen Towel

Product Category: Tissue Paper

Product Code: KTFA-162752

Availability: In stock

  • 2 Ply | 75 Pulls
  • 150 Sheets
  • 225mm x 214mm approximate sheet size
  • 100% Virgin Pulp
  • 2 Rolls in a pack

Retail Price Comparison

In-Store ₱72.00
Lazada ₱97.00
Shopee ₱99.00
Tiktok ₱96.00

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Pack


Customer Reviews


👤 Richelle R - Partner - Merchant
Review Date: 2022-08-16


okay na okay pang negosyo. Legit supplier for my shopee and lazada

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