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Femme Hand Roll Tissue Clear Pack

Femme Hand Roll Tissue Clear Pack

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186.00 per pack

Femme Hand Roll Tissue approximate size per sheet is 200mm x 200mm made from 100% virgin pulp. Manufactured by the makers of Sanicare.

Product Specification

Brand Name: Femme

Product Type: Hand Roll Tissue

Product Category: Tissue Paper

Product Code: HRTF-061801

Availability: In stock

  • 1 Ply
  • 180 Meters
  • 7" with or without perforation
  • In clear plastic packaging
  • 6 Packs per case

Retail Price Comparison

In-Store ₱195.00
Lazada ₱241.00
Shopee ₱247.00
Tiktok ₱239.00

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Pack


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