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Pack Of 3 Pullnaps Interfolded Paper Towel

Pack Of 3 Pullnaps Interfolded Paper Towel

5.00 2 Reviews

83.00 per pack of 3

Each sheet of Pullnaps Interfolded Paper Towel has a thickness of 15 gsm made from 100% virgin pulp and manufactured by the makers of Sanicare

Product Specification

Brand Name: Pullnaps

Product Type: Interfolded Paper Towel

Product Category: Household Supplies

Product Code: RET-PTPN-030

Availability: In stock

  • Pack of 3 in clear plastic packaging
  • 1 Ply 175 Pulls
  • 100% Virgin Pulp
  • 15 GSM - Soft Texture (Manipis)
  • 200mm x 200mm approximate sheet size

Retail Price Comparison

In-Store ₱88
Lazada ₱103
Shopee ₱105
Tiktok ₱102

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Pack of 3


Customer Reviews


👤 Roderick M - Consumer - Corporate
Review Date: 2022-08-22


Highly recommended


👤 Nancy G - Consumer - Household
Review Date: 2022-08-05


I have ordered several times from them before sa lazada store nila pero lately ko lang na discover na may sarili pala silang website. mas mura pala kung kung direct bibili sa kanila at mura lang din shipping fee. Still happy with the product dito na lang ako oorder parati

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