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Pepsi Regular 290mL PET Bottle Wholeslae Dito Pepsi Regular 290mL PET Bottle

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Pepsi Regular 290mL PET Bottle

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Pepsi Regular 290mL PET Bottle – the ultimate companion for those who crave the classic, refreshing taste of Pepsi wherever they go. Buy it at wholesale price

Brand : Pepsi
Category : Beverage
Group : Carbonated Drinks
GTIN : 4803925130311
Availability : In-stock
Product Specification
290 mL Pack of 12 PET bottles
Quantity per Bundle : 12 Bottles
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Bundle
Stocks : 2
Delivery Lead Time : 1-3 Bus days
Logistics : 14Smile


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What You Need To Know

Pepsi Regular 290mL PET Bottle Wholesale Dito Pack of 12 Pepsi Regular 290mL PET Bottle – the ultimate companion for those who crave the classic, refreshing taste of Pepsi wherever they go. Unleash a wave of satisfaction with every sip, as this pack ensures you're never far from the timeless joy of a cold, fizzy beverage. Features and Benefits: On-the-Go Refreshment: The 290ml PET Bottles are designed for your convenience, making them the perfect size for those on-the-go moments. Whether you're headed to a picnic, a party, or just stepping out, Pepsi Regular is now readily available to quench your thirst. Pack of 12: Never run out of your favorite cola! With this pack of 12, you can stock up and be prepared for any occasion. It's the ideal solution for family gatherings, celebrations, or simply ensuring you have a stash at home for those spontaneous moments. Classic Pepsi Flavor: Indulge in the time-tested, beloved taste of Pepsi Regular. Crafted to perfection, each sip delivers a symphony of flavors, combining sweetness and carbonation for a truly satisfying experience. It's the authentic cola taste that has stood the test of time. Portable PET Bottles: The lightweight and durable PET bottles are not only convenient but also eco-friendly. Easy to carry, store, and recycle, they make enjoying your favorite beverage guilt-free. Versatile for All Occasions: Pepsi Regular is the versatile beverage that complements any setting. Whether you're unwinding at home, cheering at a sports event, or sharing good times with friends, this pack ensures you're prepared to elevate any moment. Ensure you're ready for a burst of Pepsi perfection with the Pack of 12 Pepsi Regular 290ml PET Bottle – because every moment deserves a refreshing sip of the classics.

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