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Zonrox Bleach Original 1 Liter Wholeslae Dito Zonrox Bleach Original 1 Liter

Zonrox Bleach Original 1 Liter

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Zonrox Bleach Original available at for a whole lot less price at Wholesale Dito Store, your trusted supplier for home and office essentials.

Brand : Zonrox
Category : Cleaning Supplies
Group : Bleach
GTIN : 4800047840012
Availability : In-stock
Product Specification
1 Liter 6 in 1 Total Clean Multi-purpose Bleach for home and laundry 99.9% antibacterial protection Kills disease-causing bacteria and viruses
Quantity per Box : 24 Bottles
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Box
Stocks : 2
Delivery Lead Time : 1-3 Bus days
Logistics : 14Smile


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What You Need To Know

Zonrox Bleach Original 1 Liter Wholesale Dito Experience the power of cleanliness with Zonrox Bleach Original in a convenient 1-liter (1000ml) bottle, brought to you by Wholesale Dito Store, your trusted supplier for home and office essentials. Achieve a 6-in-1 total clean with this multi-purpose bleach designed for both home and laundry use. Zonrox Bleach provides robust 99.9% antibacterial protection, effectively eliminating disease-causing bacteria and viruses to create a healthier living environment. Here are the key features and benefits of Zonrox Bleach Original: Powerful Antibacterial Protection: With a formidable 99.9% antibacterial shield, Zonrox Bleach Original ensures a thorough elimination of harmful microorganisms, promoting a hygienic and safe space. Versatile Cleaning Solution: This multi-purpose bleach is tailored for various applications, making it an ideal choice for both household cleaning and laundry needs. One product, multiple uses! Whitening Power: Zonrox Bleach is formulated to deliver exceptional whitening results. Say goodbye to dull surfaces as it restores the brightness to whites and removes unsightly stains. Deodorizing Action: Experience a fresh and clean ambiance as Zonrox Bleach effectively neutralizes odors, leaving your home and laundry smelling revitalized. Tough Stain and Dirt Removal: Tackling stubborn stains and dirt is a breeze with Zonrox Bleach. Its potent formula ensures that even the toughest marks are lifted, saving you time and effort during your cleaning routine. Time-Saving Convenience: Shorten your cleaning time with the efficiency of Zonrox Bleach. Its powerful cleaning action means less scrubbing and more time for the activities you enjoy. Choose Wholesale Dito Store as your supplier for Zonrox Bleach Original, and bring the ultimate in cleanliness to your home and office. Trust in the proven effectiveness of Zonrox for a healthier and more vibrant living space.

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