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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Wholesale Dito Store?

Wholesale Dito Store is a B2B supply paltform of internet retailers, start-up businesses and small to medium scale enterprises for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Our products are also available to consumers who are not engaged into doing business but prefer to buy in bulk for household or office consumption.

We are committed to supply our partner merchants and clients with first-rate consumer goods at the lowest price possible with a guarantee of unrivalled B2B customer support.

Who owns Wholesale Dito Store | WholesaleDito.com?

Wholesale Dito Store is owned and operated by Clickerwayne Enterprise, a duly registered Filipino-owned company based in Binan, Laguna, Philippines. You can learn more about us by visiting our Who We Are page.

Are there any registration and membership fees that I need to pay for joining?

None. We DO NOT and will neither impose nor oblige our partner merchants to pay for registration and membership fees.

How can I sign up - Wholesale Dito Store?

Signing up is easy. All you have to do is go to the Create An Account page and fill-out the form.

Do you accept Cash On Delivery or COD?

Yes. We do accept cash on delivery or COD. However, this payment option is currently offered in the following pilot areas:

  • San Pedro, Laguna
  • Binan, Laguna
  • Santa Rosa, Laguna
  • Carmona, Cavite
For all other locations, payment can be done via bank deposit, bank transfer, GCash, Cebuana, Palawan Express, GrabPay and ECPay.

Cash On Delivery will be available soon in other regions and provinces in the Philippines as we expand.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Will I get a sales invoice for my purchase order?

As a duly registered company in the Philippines, Clickerwayne Enterprise, the owner and operator of WholesaleDito.com | WholesaleDito.store, is required by law to issue sales invoice for the sale of goods.

Section 237 of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, otherwise known as The Tax Code, is the primary source of the requirement for Philippine taxpayers to issue a Sales Invoice upon the sale of a goods or merchandise.

Section 237 states that:

All persons subject to an internal revenue tax shall, for each sale or transfer of merchandise or for services rendered valued at Twenty-five pesos (P25.00) or more, issue duly registered receipts or sales or commercial invoices, prepared at least in duplicate, showing the date of transaction, quantity, unit cost and description of merchandise or nature of service

What are your payment terms | Wholesale Dito Store?

Cash On Delivery (COD)
COD is currently offered in pilot towns of Laguna and Cavite provinces. We will add more areas as we expand

Cash Before Shipment (CBS)
Partner merchants outside of our pilot areas for cash on delivery can make a payment via our payment channels once their purchase order have been confirmed and scheduled for delivery.

Net 15
A payment term offered to partner merchants who have met all eligibility requirements and have already made a total of 5 purchase orders amounting to ₱100,000 in the last 3 months.

Net 30
Payment for the purchased and delivered merchandise is due to be paid in full by the partner merchants 30 days after the invoice date. All eligibility requirement must be met by the partner merchant to be qualified for this payment term.

For more details about Net 15 and Net 30, please contact the admin.

Is Wholesale Dito Website Secure?

Yes. The little padlock that you see in the address bar right next to the URL, is an indication that Wholesale Dito Store website is secured with TLS encryption. We use HTTPS which means that all communications between your browser and our website are encrypted and secure, using a security certificate.

What Is The Required Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ?

Since we are in the business of wholesale, the minimum order quantity varies depending on the type of account that you have.

  • MOQ TBA ( To Be Announced )
  • Consumer
  • MOQ ₱5,000
  • Retailer
    Partner Merchant
    Corporate Account
  • MOQ ₱25,000
  • Hubs

The above indicated minimum order requirements apply across the entire Philippines.

For consumer account, stay tuned for updates as there will be changes in the coming weeks